Welcome to the official website of Archie Watkins, founding member of The Inspirations Quartet!

As many of you now know, Archie suffered a heart attack on Wednesday, March 16.  Fortunately and by God's grace, there was no damage to his heart muscle.  But unfortunately there were several blockages found during the heart cath and he had open heart surgery with multiple bypasses on Monday, March 21.

We are so very grateful and appreciative for all your prayers, calls, and messages.  And we love you all.  And we are very grateful that Archie has been cleared by his medical staff and, more importantly Cindy, so he is back on the road!!  He will be participating in PT/rehab for a bit still but has made an amazing recovery thus far.  Any of you who meet him in the near future will hear that he "has the heart of a teenager, the lungs of an elephant and that he had a tiny heart attack".  Of all the things the doctors told him, that is what he recalls to share with folks.  :)

We also have had many requests from folks who want to help contribute  to and support his ministry, and we are humbled by that as well.  For individuals or churches who want to contribute via check, the mailing address is PO Box 500, Whittier NC 28789.  For anyone who wants to make a contribution online, you can do so through PayPal with these links below:

Archie and Cindy are back out on the road and will hopefully be performing in a place near you soon!  We love visiting all of our friends and 'family' we have met over the almost 50 years we have had the privilege to serve in this capacity.  If you don't see us booked in your area and want us there, call and we will make it happen!

Archie Watkins
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