Outdoors with Archie

Archie was invited by television's 'Hunting 'His' Way' Host Ashley Ellison to film a Gospel Artist Series video project designed for the glory and honor of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Ashley Ellison and Kirk Dooms had a vision to collect a variety of different hunts from across the country and around the world, and God gave them this opportunity to share His love through hunting, testimony and music. This DVD is the third in a series of Christian hunting videos intended to reach out and let everyone know how great God is in every situation.  It will also show gospel music fans a side of the artists that they have never seen before.

Ashley and Archie got out in the Smokies and treed a BIG black bear using his bear dogs.  Tim Surrett took down his first big whitetail deer with a bow in Ohio. Wade Spencer, returning from the last video project, bagged a turkey just around the corner from Tim.

This DVD Features:
        Kirk Dooms, Host & Owner of
                 'Show Me Outdoor Adventures'
        Ashley Ellison
        Wade Spencer
        Tim Surrett
        Mark Bishop
        Jonathan Martin
        John Buckman
        Archie Watkins

(DVD is 100+ minutes in Length)

Ashley along with Mark Bishop, Jonathan Martin, and John Buckman spent a day bird hunting in Illinois.  Kirk ends up the video in New Zealand taking a monster Red Stag.

You will love the fun spent with all of these guys out in the field, not to mention them sitting around the lodge singing, with Tim and Wade together pickin' and grinnin'.  This DVD is full of hunting, music and testimonies you will watch over and over again. "Hunting 'His' Way" Gospel Artist Series will increase your passion for hunting and for the Lord!

Archie Outdoors
Archie Watkins

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